Jimmy Adler

Jimmy Adler

Jimmy Adler Band

“Guaranteed excitement for fans of straight-ahead blues guitar” is how Blues Revue magazine describes Jimmy Adler.

Jimmy had performed since the late 1980s in and around the Pittsburgh area with many of the region’s top blues bands before deciding to venture out on his own in 2001. He has great respect for the music and has spent his life studying the masters. However, he prefers to write, record, and perform original songs that are steeped in the blues tradition.

Not interested in simply playing old blues standards, the Jimmy Adler Band performs mostly original compositions that are the fruits from the roots of the artists that he has spent a lifetime studying.

Based in Pittsburgh, Adler has thrilled audiences from the West Coast, over the pond to France, and many points in between. Jimmy is a live-wire entertainer who packs passion and energy into every performance. Powerful vocals compliment the spirited playing and elegant phrasing of Jimmy’s clean fat guitar tone.

Jimmy has traded licks with and gained the respect of many national touring artists such as Tommy Castro, Reverend Raven, the late Hubert Sumlin and many others.

Whether thrilling fans with T-Bone Walker style or ferocious slide guitar, Jimmy Adler delivers great performances.

Jimmy Adler’s new CD, Grease Alley, was recorded and produced by Blues Music Award winner Kid Andersen at the incomparable Greaseland Studio in San Jose, CA. It has created a buzz and has garnered high praise from DJs, fans and promoters: “Grease Alley is a real pleasure, both vocally and instrumentally” and “This is Jimmy’s best work to date” are some of the comments that have been delivered.

We urge you to give the disc a spin to hear for yourself what all the fuss is about.